Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is linen included in my booking?

A: Yes.  All linen is supplied in our cabin accommodation

Q: Are we allowed to have an outdoor fire?

A:  Yes.  In accordance with CFA regulations and in fire pits/drums.  As you would appreciate, we do not have enough fire drums for every site but you are more than welcome to bring your own for use during your stay.

Q:  Can we bring our dogs?

A:  Yes.  We will ask that you sign our pet policy regarding responsible dog ownership upon arrival.

Q:  Can we swim in the river?

A:  Yes, should conditions be suitable.  Swimming in the river is at your own risk and should be based on swimming ability.  We have a pool within the park which is a great alternative.

Q:  Are there cooking facilities with cutlery & crockery available?

A:  Yes.  All rooms have a kitchenette, fridge, utensils, etc

Q:  What are check-in/check-out times? 

A:  Check-in is at 2pm;  Check-out is at 10am.  For a full list of our Booking Terms and Conditions, please click here.

Q:  What size are the sites?

A:  10m x 10m

Q:  Can we check in after reception hours?

A:  Yes, by prior arrangement with office staff

Q:  How many cars are allowed per site?

A:  We allow one car per site

Q:  Is there anywhere to have a meal or purchase takeaway?

A:  The Rubicon Hotel is fabulous for counter meals whilst the Thornton General Store is great for coffee and takeaway.  Both are just across the road from the park.